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COVID-19 Update

Our Safe Reopening

Governor Andy Beshear recently announced that Kentucky has reached a point where it can re-open dental offices and other medical facilities. It goes without saying that things will now need to be different as the world continues to battle with COVID-19. Therefore our Hurstbourne Dental Care team has spent countless hours perfecting a safe and reliable system that will not only protect our patients, but also our staff and their families. It is therefore with great pleasure that we announce our re-opening on Monday, May 18th

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How We Are Keeping You Safe

Kentucky has provided a series of requirements that need to be met in order for a dental office to re-open. However, Hurstbourne Dental Care’s safety requirements far exceed those recommended in order to provide the highest level of protection reasonably possible for our patients, staff, and families. See below for a sample of how we plan to keep everyone safe.
  • Highest level of PPE use: N95 & surgical masks, facial shields, surgical gowns, head caps, goggles, gloves, etc.
  • Use of high level HVAC filters & medical grade air purifiers
  • Use of UV light to disinfect all surfaces 2x a day (coming soon)
  • Contained treatment protocols to prevent cross-travel between operatories/admin areas
  • Disinfect all clinical and administrative surfaces and door handles after each patient
  • Operatory deep cleans
  • Use of high speed suction to minimize air particles
  • Staff decontamination of all clothing
  • Patients masks to minimize risk of transmission while not in treatment
  • Washing of hands before and after every patient interaction
  • Disinfect all packages, supplies, etc.
  • Scheduling with appointment gaps to avoid contact & provide additional cleaning time
  • Staggered of employee lunches and breaks to minimize contact/crowding
  • Reduced use of water spraying equipment
  • Massive amounts of hand sanitizer
  • No patient clustering – use of parking lot lobby & 1 patient in waiting room limit
  • Patient & staff anti-microbial required rinses
  • Plexi-glass protective barriers
  • Staff & patient temperature readings & symptoms/contact questionnaire
  • Use of mouth barriers that isolate treatment area and cover remaining mouth to minimize exposure and particle disbursement
  • …and more!

How will your appointment be different now?

Prepare yourselves:
  • Our staff will be clothed in the highest level of personal protective equipment – don’t be alarmed, we’re still the same goofy bunch, just with more layers on…like onions
  • Our lobby will now effectively be an exclusive night club – limited admission. In fact, it will be a party of one as only one patient will be allowed in the lobby at a time. Everyone else will have to keep the party going in their cars, until they receive a text or call inviting them in
  • Only way to get into this nightclub though, is to either have a mask on or some sort of face covering – pick your favorite scarf, we can’t wait to see
  • You’ll sanitize your hands as soon as you walk in the door…duh
  • Sorry no magazines in the lobby and remote will only be handled by the front desk – hope you like Telenovelas
  • We’re trying to get to know ya better, so we’ll text or email you a link to answer our COVID-19 questionnaire (less than 5 questions)
  • We also want to know how hot you are, so we’ll take your temperature when you come in
  • We have a sneaky suspicion that some of you haven’t been rinsing with Listerine, so you’re going to get some anti-microbial rinse
  • While we would love to give you hugs, high-fives, fist-bumps and the like, we’re going to have to keep it profesh and at a distance

Kentucky Dental Office Re-Opening Requirements

Please see below for a summary of the re-opening requirements issued by Gov. Andy Bashear, along with a link to the Governor’s website and presentation regarding the re-opening.

KY phase I re-opening requirements

  • Eliminate traditional waiting areas and use parking lot lobby instead
  • Maintain social distancing & minimize direct contact with staff
  • Screen all staff and patients for temperature and COVID-19 symptoms upon arrival
    • Require staff to stay home if sick
  • Enhanced workplace sanitation
  • Enhanced hand hygiene
  • Easily accessible hand sanitizer
  • Access to necessary PPE
  • All staff must wear surgical masks
  • All patients in office must wear a mask (cloth or surgical/procedural)
  • Dental office specific
    • Higher level of mask protection
    • Airflow considerations

Link to Governor’s COVID-19 page:
Link to Governor’s Phase I reopening presentation: